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Boston Celtics -- Don't Let us Get One 
Jonathan Russell Nantucket Series Intro
This video holds a special place in my heart -- Columbus and Over Group flew me out to Nantucket in a private plane in order to allow me to capture all of the drone footage myself on a DJI Mavic 3. Trusting me to create the best video possible, they placed tremendous responsibility on me to accomplish a stunning video that would set them apart in the Nantucket Real Estate market. I'm extremely proud of the results that came from this trip and excited to roll out the hours of footage on their social pages over the next few months. 
9th Annual DJI Skypixel Contest Submission
At the end of my 6 month Co-op with Columbus and Over Group, my work had slowed down a little bit so my manager recommended I shoot a video off to the DJI Skypixel Contest using my Nantucket Drone Footage. I spent the next few days working on this behemoth of a project; learning how to edit day-for-night and spending hours on compositing stars and the moon into these shots. It was a real treat to work on and something I'm very proud of.
McGregor Pint Edit
Digitally Removing Graffiti from a Building Using 3D Compositing in After Effects:
Derrick White x Interstellar GAME 6
This particular Celtics edit was shared by the popular fan account "GreenRunsDeep" on Twitter
I also hold a top 20 most liked post on the Boston Celtics subreddit, in which I made a popular "Shooting Stars" meme edit of the 2022 Eastern Conference Finals: here.
The Milkshake that Almost Killed Castro
"The Milkshake that Almost Killed Castro" was a group project for my Animation Basics class at Northeastern University. I worked exclusively on the animation of the piece, designing the movement of each scene and animating them in After Effects. 
Tennessee Commercial Real Estate 3D Tracking Videos

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