Mac O'Hara
Socials, Resume, and Letter of Recommendation
Letter of Recommendation from Bailey Carlin
To whomever it may concern,
I am writing to recommend Mac O’Hara to you. Mac worked for me at Bad Brain Digital Consulting as an intern, my first ever, and a better person could not have fit that role. 
As a true #2, Mac took on significant responsibility across my entire client roster, helping to create content for and manage accounts amassing over 20 million followers. 
The quality of Mac’s work was always pristine, and, especially for someone under the title of intern, I knew I never needed to spend the extra time analyzing work that would consistently be top quality. 
If I thought I had any chance of hiring him for a role he is worth, I wouldn’t have to be writing this letter right now, as I would have stolen him for myself, but I unfortunately do not find myself in that position.
While Mac was consistently great with delivering on the content asked of him, the level of professionalism he exuded was what really allowed me to put him forward-facing in front of clients, a role I have yet to be able to do since. 
I cannot recommend him enough, truly. Anyone who has the chance to work with him should jump at the opportunity.

Thank you,
Bailey Carlin
Founder + CEO Bad Brain Digital Consulting